We are a startup GreenTech, developing intelligent connectivity projects for Smart Cities applications in order to promote sustainability, energy efficiency and operational optimization to our clients.


Our solutions support enterprise and public decision making that contributes with actions for the environment and communities constructing a vision of future for the cities.


In our DNA is the world digital transformation through technologies that benefit our clients and cities with sustainable and social positive results.

We apply a simple and clear philosophy that each ZANE developed solution will be an evolution in terms of usability, productivity, technology and sustainability.



Internet of Things (IoT)

Artificial Intelligence 

Big Data & Analytics



Gas Emissions Monitoring

ZANE proposes a new concept for gas emissions monitoring in diesel vehicles,. We apply IoT architecture installing sensors at the exhaust pipe of vehicles that register NOx emissions generated by engines in real traffic situation, assessing operational and conformity to homologations and legislation indexes. Also, analysis for better fleet management, preventive diagnostics and operational gains with waste reduction and optimization of fuel.

Damage from NOx gas emission

Air pollution kills more than 50 thousand persons per year in Brazil, OMS

Benefits of Monitoring

Predictive diagnostics with maintenance optimization

Reduced fuel consumption and GHG emissions

New model to identify
emitting sources

Inventory of atmospheric emissions
from diesel vehicles



André Nunes



Marcio Moritz





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